Thursday, July 11, 2013

the little sailor

I've been taking my sedatives to recuperate from the continuous anguish I felt this morning. My jaw is still swollen but I feel less of a mess. Because I still need to spend more time at home, I decided that this is would be my first post showcasing two relatively new purchases that were made -- both vintage mini dresses with collars. These photos would be of me wearing them instead if I looked the way I normally do, but this'll do.

Sometimes, I honestly feel like too much of a girly girl. I am guilty of dressing too much like an overgrown little girl, but I tend to level it off with something even sweeter beneath those short little dresses.

The left nautical dress, I'm debating to put up in my Etsy shop. It's much too short for my frame (30.5" total length) which makes it virtually necessary to wear a slip beneath. Not too sure that'll be possible considering how fitted it is, and how I'll be feeling  like I'm in an oven the whole time. Oh, the things we sacrifice just to look a little cute.

The right I absolutely adore. Black velvet Wednesday Adams goodness. Can't wait to wear during the colder months with tights.

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